Personal Computing Solutions

Comprehensive solutions based on PC's, Laptop's, Thinclient's and Workstation's which essentially form the client side computing infrastructure are provided by EDream Solutions,Our pre sales team can understand your requirements, business concerns, growth plans and application areas to arrive at the right solution to fit your requirements which are protected against technological obsolesce and at the same time provide value for money. Though most think this is the easiest part when it comes to decision making in reality there is lot of technology packed into these products and decision criteria need not be price only as each technology built brings tremendous value to the table.

Imaging & Printing Solutions

One more essential ingredient of today's IT Infrastructure is having appropriate printing, scanning or plotting products & solutions. With changing times the product lines have become immense addressing every possible segment of requirement. One of the new addition to service offerings is per page printing solutions.
EDream Solutions provides innovative solutions to address your printing consumable requirements. EDream Solutions provides printing supplies of all brands

Software Solutions

EDream Solutions has associated with various software vendors either focusing on specific industries or business applications to ensure our customers can get every solution they require. Be it a ERP, a Digital library solutions, PLM solutions to Content management solutions EDream Solutions can provide them all with world class products couple by its own legendary services.

Enterprise IT Solutions

EDream Solutions designs optimized storage and server solutions that are best suited to manage your business-critical data with the lowest TCO benefits. The solutions integrate easily in heterogeneous environments, with simplified management tasks.

IT Challenges

Solution/Service Definition

Process and Technology Used

Rapid Growth of Data

Storage Consolidation can unify disparate DAS/islands of storage resources for ease of management and better utilization

  • Storage Infrastructure
  • DATA Migration

DATA Protection

Ensure Higher Data availability.

  • Point-in-time copies
  • Mirror copies
  • LAN backup
  • LAN free backup
  • Server free backup
  • Disk based backup
  • Continuous backup

Storage Management

Storage Management Service aims at Measuring, Monitoring and optimizing storage systems.

  • Measure
  • Storage Resource Utilization (Memory , cache etc)
  • Storage throughput
  • Event notification
  • Manage
  • Change/Incident/Problem Management
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Periodic Health Checks
  • Optimize
  • Storage Layout
  • Storage Performance


Audit storage, data protection and DR aim at measuring deviations from industry standard best practices.

  • Storage Audit
  • Data Protection Audit

Disaster Recovery

Protects data from interruptions beyond acceptable threshold

  • NSPOF architecture
  • Clustering
  • Point-in-time copies
  • Replication - Storage and Server

DATA Migration

Migrating data from one type of storage to another without any loss.

  • Storage/Array level migration
  • Host level migration using OS native tools
  • Host level migration using specialized software
  • SAN-level migration

DATA Security

Storage Security focuses on - encryption, authentication, access, controls and auditing for stored data across the entire enterprise: NAS, SAN, DAS & Tape

  • Server Virtualization/Consolidation
  • Storage Consolidation/Virtualization
  • DATA Recovery
  • NAS, SAN, DAS & Tape Encryption
  • IPSec for Client Encryption
  • Secure Logging
  • Anti-WWN Spoofing


Networking Solutions.

An organization's ability to deliver results is strongly determined by its backbone i.e. IT Infrastructure. Rapid technological developments have made IT-related decisions simply 'complex'. Today building a converged network infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and cost-effective involves integrating multi-vendor solutions, products and technologies. 

EDream Solutions Network infrastructure group today offers:

  • Structured Cabling solutions
  • Converged Local Area networking solutions
  • Converged Wide Area networking solutions

The focus is on 'Solutions Integration' rather than 'Systems Integration'.

We partner with leading product companies like Cisco & Tyco for providing these solutions.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

The rollout of a large corporate IT infrastructure can be major task. Its many complexities involve technical assets, people and suppliers, so strong, experienced management is vital to ensure delivery on time and on budget. E dreams Consulting Group has extensive experience of working with corporate and public sector organizations on such implementations – experience we can bring to bear effectively on the rollout of your technology infrastructure transforming the recommendations for technical change into true business benefits. 

A significant strength of EDream Solutions when implementing an IT infrastructure is the experienced project management resources that we can offer: consultants who appreciate the realities of running a business while implementing a technology infrastructure roll-out in parallel. Such experience and business acumen helps to avoid potential hiccups while focusing on the early delivery of business benefits. The experience E Dreams has gained through working with many different organizations enables us to implement and enhance IT infrastructure that is appropriate to the specific business needs of our clients.


EDream Solutions IT Infrastructure Consulting Group truly believes that linkage to a range of IT processes will improve overall IT service delivery:

  • IT Procurement
  • Contract management
  • Project Management Office
  • Application and Hardware Support